Creating Hen Nights With Soul 

For if women remember that once upon a time we sang with the tongues of seals,  and flew with the wings of swans, that we forged our own paths through the dark forest while creating a community of its many inhabitants, then we will rise up rooted, like trees…”   Sharon Blackie

Are you struggling to find a Hen Experience that resonates with you?

 Were you hoping for a weekend of Strong Sisterhood, with rites-of-passage, and ancient celebrations?

Would you like a Hen Weekend that creates lasting memories for all the right reasons?

We’re here to help make it happen

Our team of facilitators are all experienced in putting together high quality, world class events just for women, with a focus on creating a soul centred sisterhood that celebrates the feminine in its full power. Because we are based in more than one country we are able to be fully authentic, and traditional, wherever we are. This means you are welcome to join us in Latvia, or to invite us to a venue of your choice across the world, where we will put together a programme especially for you and your group. There is nothing run-of-the-mill about our Hen Weekends! Some of the activities and ceremonies you may like to experience include

  • Firewalk
  • Sweat Lodge Ceremony
  • Latvian Fire Ceremony
  • Personal Styling and Colour Analysis
  • Flower Crown Making
  • Bridal Sauna
  • Empowerment Breakthroughs
  • Camp Fire

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