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Have you been seeking a Hen Experience that comes from the heart, and fuels your soul?…

Believe me, you are not alone

We are Lottie and Baiba, and we created Soulful Hen Nights as time and again we saw our female sisters being sold short when it came to celebrating their move from one phase of life to the next with their friends and family.

Too often this rite-of-passage seemed to be packaged as just another trip to the spa accompanied by drinking too much prosecco – don’t get me wrong, we’re not against either of those things, but we knew that there were women like yourself that wanted to go deeper.  To bring their tribe together for an exceptional time which would include grounding, celebrating, and connecting with themselves and each other on a new level, before the big day.

We are both qualified Firewalk Instructors and Sweat Lodge Keepers, working in the traditional ways, connected with Mother Earth and the Fire, and both passionate about working with women to enable them to use the activities and tools we offer to release, reroot, and truly enjoy the experience to its full.

With Baiba based in Latvia, and Lottie in the UK with Celtic roots we know that what we offer is truly traditional, and authentic, whilst still having someone close at hand to ensure everything runs smoothly for you.

From making flower crowns, to snapping arrows with the throat, we will ensure your hen experience is truly tailor-made, with you in mind

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