Each of our Hen Experiences is tailor-made to your requirements, including what you’d like, leaving out what you don’t.

But to give you an idea of what’s possible here are a couple of ideas of what your Hen Package could look like…

All-Included Weekend In Latvia

Your Hen Weekend starts when we meet you at the airport in Riga, Latvia – if you’d like some help finding flights, we are always happy to point you in the right direction beforehand, but we officially start by greeting you at the airport and whisking you off in your private transport to your home for the next couple of days.

60-90 minutes from the airport we will arrive at your accommodation – A shared house where you can all kick back and relax, with plenty of outdoor space to enjoy the fresh air and tranquillity that Latvia has to offer.  All your food and drink will be provided for you while you are here.

Latvian Fire Ceremony & Sweat Lodge – Your first evening together you will be able to take part in the traditional Latvian Fire Ceremony, followed by authentic Sweat Lodge in the tradition of the Pueblo people of New Mexico.

Flower Crowns and Champagne Reception – After a relaxed breakfast on your first morning, you may like to make flower-crowns together so you have them to wear for the rest of the weekend. Then after lunch, there’s time for an early afternoon champagne reception and some free time to relax together before your evening activity.

Firewalk – Your second evening with us will bring the opportunity to take part in a Firewalk or Firedance.

Bridal Sauna – For your final day why not let us take you off-site to enjoy a traditional bridal sauna and massages, or spend some time sight-seeing in Latvia, before it’s time to head to the airport and return to real life with some amazing stories to share.


With a bride tribe of 10, an all-included weekend in Latvia is approximately £500 per person 



Hen Night in the UK


We will join you at a venue of your choice in the UK – we are happy to advise on the suitability of the venue prior to booking, but we would hope to join you in an outdoor space, such as a farm or campsite, where we can freely light a fire.

Latvian Fire Ceremony – You will be able to take part in this traditional women’s ceremony, from building and decorating the fire, setting strong and powerful intentions, to the lighting and celebrating of the fire.

Firewalk, Fire Dance or Sweat Lodge – Choose which of these authentic rituals you think would make the best fit for you and your group, and we will enable you to experience the magic it will bring.

Drinks around the fire – Finish off your evening with drinks and tales around the fire.  You may enjoy a simple supper cooked on the fire also, the choice is yours.


With a bride tribe of 10, a Hen Night in the UK costs approximately £200 per person.




Don’t Be Shy!

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