The other day someone asked me if a Hen Night was actually a rite of passage.  I really believe that they can be, but it’s only by looking more closely at what makes up a traditional rite of passage that we can see whether a Hen Experience fits in with this…

3 Stages Of A Rite Of Passage

Although certain initiation rites are linked with specific tribal groups, it is widely recognised that rites of passage can be found in most traditions and cultures around the world.  It has been suggested that some Western rituals miss some the key structural points that make up a rite of passage.

Anthropologists are generally agreed that there are a key 3 stages of a rite of passage.  These are believed to be universally human…

  1. Severance

    The preparation for leaving everything as it now is, behind.  Severance involves the gathering of what will be needed for the journey ahead, both physically and spiritually. A period of time that will involve readying to put to death aspects of the old life, and preparation for what awaits, even though that can be the complete unknown.

  2. Threshold

    Often associated with learning key lessons from Mother Earth, the threshold period is thought to be a time where the old life is left behind, but the rebirthing into the new life is yet to happen. The Threshold is strongly linked with ceremony, or journeying, but also a time that can be internally challenging, testing the spirit and strength of those involved. Enabling them to build a better connection with their purpose and resolve.

  3. Incorporation

    The time of returning to real life.  But a new life too.  Incorporating the learning and knowledge taken from the Threshold, the great thing about what happens when the 3 stages of a rite of passage come to completion is that everyone gains from what has been learned during the process, not just the individual that has gone through the process. During the phase of incorporation in can be challenging to realise that life will never be the same again, but also a real blessing when it becomes apparent that the changes are only for the better, and serve all.

The Hen Night & The 3 Stages Of A Rite Of Passage

The 3 stages of rites of passage don’t sound much like your run-of-the-mill Hen Night to me!

However, if you set the intention that you want your Hen Experience to be a bit more meaningful than the average spa weekend, I really think it fits in well with the time of transition that anthropologists associate with the rite of passage… How about you?  Do you see the connection too?

The great thing about the Hen Weekend is that you have your bride tribe by your side, so that during the threshold phase you’ve got some of the most important people in your life by your side, holding your hand as you go.  They will support you 100% on the journey from one phase of life to the next, and get to immerse themselves in that experience too.

We really like to support brides and their groups to experience the 3 stages of a rite of passage in a safe and fun environment.  When you prepare for one of our events (Severance) you may well feel a little nervous of what is to come. Particularly if you decide to have a firewalk, or something else that scares you a little, as part of your experience. But we like to think that you’ll also be feeling a sense of excitement as you prepare for a time of memory making, knowing that you will be creating some amazing memories with your best mates.

During the Threshold phase we will be around to make sure everything goes 100% smoothly. It is likely to bring internal challenges and spiritual tests, but it will also hold a whole lot of fun.  Your whole group will grow together, and we guarantee you will have plenty of opportunities for some great belly-laughing too. The rituals and ceremonies that we offer, including authentic Sweat Lodge, Latvian Fire Ceremony, and traditional fire dances, can really help to create that true rite of passage experience too.

Finally, after your Hen Experience with us, you will have to return to real-life.  We like to think that, although you’ll be so excited about returning ready for your wedding, you’ll also be just-a-little-bit-sad about leaving your Hen Do with us behind. But you should also have some great memories and learnings to carry forward into your new married life – how exciting is that?!

We pride ourselves on creating a Hen Weekend for you that will be memorable for all the right reasons.

Hopefully, you’ve learned a little bit about the different 3 stages of a rite of passage from this post, as well as seeing where a Hen Night can fit into this.  Sharing is caring, so why not give this post a share so others can find out a bit more too?