5 Things To Think About Before Choosing Your Hen Experience

Probably since the day your groom first proposed your mind has been a whirl of wedding plans. You probably eat, talk, and sleep wedding planning, with many a Pinterest board to help you along your way.  As part of this you have no doubt thought about planning your hen experience.

STOP before you go any further check out these 5 things you need to consider before you get around to planning, or getting persuaded to do what isn’t right for you…

Age Group

You need to consider the age range you’ll be catering for before you get around to choosing. Your Hen experience could be just for you and your mates, or have you got mothers, grandmothers, or even younger children to think of?

The last thing you want to do is choose an activity that’s going to exclude anyone – so if you have a wider age range to cater for it’s better to choose activities that can easily be adapted, or are fun from the sidelines.

To help you ensure no-one in your bride tribe is feeling left out we tailor-make each hen programme at no extra cost.  Maybe a Sweat Lodge is not right for everyone in your group, but others would still be able to spend some time around the fire, maybe even cooking baked potatoes and soup on the fire, while others are in the lodge. Or some group members might like to make the flower crowns indoors if they don’t want to be outside so much.  We will always work with you to ensure your hen do is right for everyone in your party.

Budgetchoosing your hen experience

Will you be paying for all your bride tribe?  Or will individuals be paying for themselves? Is there a top price that can be afforded by both yourself or the others?

It’s really important when you have so much outlay going on, with all that the wedding involves, that you ensure your Hen Night comes in on budget. Make sure that when you’re doing your costings you have a full understanding of exactly what is included in the price – you don’t want to be halfway through before you find out the champagne is not included!

We make it as simple as possible, ensuring your hen experience is all-inclusive apart from the flights.  That way you know exactly what your budget is.  Make sure you ask clear questions when you’re looking in to different Hen idea to make sure your budget has everything covered.

Free Time

Before choosing your Hen experience you need to have a clear idea of how much time your bride tribe can allow to being with you. This can be affected by work commitments, family expectations, and cost.

Our ideal Hen Experience would always be a Hen Weekend, Friday to Sunday, but we realise that’s not always possible for everyone.  That’s why we offer everything from a one evening event such as a stand-alone firewalk, or sweat lodge. Before you move on to choosing your hen experience it’s worth having a chat with your bride tribe to find out what is a realistic expectation before you commit. They may even fancy going away somewhere for longer – who knows!

Who’s Going To Organise It

Do you want to take responsibility for organising you own hen night? Or are you going to hand that over to your maid of honour?

If you’re going to hand it over make sure you share clearly any dos and don’ts you may have when thinking of how you would like the event to go – if you don’t want to end up with tequilas at midnight and licking chocolate off a stripper, make it clear before you hand over.

And if you do hand over the responsibility make sure you respect that and take a step back and let them do their stuff – this can be harder than it sounds when you’re in ‘organise a wedding’ mode, but if you do fully step out of the process it will give you a welcome break from at least one aspect of the planning process.

What Do You Want To Get Out Of It

The Hen Night has become something that all brides-to-be just do, but what would you like to get out of yours?

Some things you might like to think about are – relaxation, drinking, connecting with your female friends, rite-of-passage, fun, memories for life, spiritual growth, try new things, introduce you bride tribe to things that are important to you, personal development, time outdoors, travel to new places, travel to places that you already love, uninterrupted time with your woman folk….

There’s lots you can get out of a Hen Weekend – what’s important to you?


I hope you’ve found these tips on what to think about before choosing your Hen experience useful. If you think we might tick the box in providing what’s important to you, and like the look of what we do, why not get in touch to let us know what you’d like to achieve from your Hen Weekend and we’ll do our best to make it happen.