What Kind Of Hen Night Is Fit For A Princess?

You can’t have missed the news that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have announced that they are engaged to be married. So here in the UK we have a Royal Wedding to look forward to, and here at Soulful Hen HQ we can’t help but wonder what kind of hen night is fit for a Princess?!

Would The Royals Approve?

Somehow I can’t imagine the Queen approving of her daughter-in-law-to-be going out on a jolly that involves a plastic penis, and necking bottles of fizz in the streets… Can you imagine what would happen if the paparazzi got hold of pics of that one? So my guess is that Meghan (or her maid of honour) will have to think very carefully about what she does for her Hen Do, and where she does it.  Although she may not be restricted by budget or time in the same way many bridal parties are, she will certainly be restricted by the choices that are open to her, or closed to her depending on how you look at it.

I hope she doesn’t feel this will lead to a boring Hen Experience, my guess is she will end up on a luxury location spa weekend…. but what if she could have more? Adventure, fun, rites of passage, and incredible connection with her Bride Tribe.  A Hen Weekend that would create memories for all the right reasons? Here at Soulful Hen Nights we think we have the very thing when it comes to…

A Hen Night Fit For A Princess

We’d love to whisk Meghan and her Bride Tribe off for a Heart Centred weekend in Latvia. Most of our Hen parties tend to fly out for less than £100 per person with a someone like Whizz Air but I have a feeling the Royals would prefer it if Meghan joined us by private jet – that’s ok with us, her Soulful Hen Weekend would kick off officially when we met her at the airport with her private transport for her group, just like it does on all our other Hen Weekends.

We know that Meghan and her friends could easily afford to stay in a 5* luxury hotel, but actually, we’d like to take her a little off the beaten track, away from the prying eyes of the paparazzi and other well-meaning guests.

90 minutes outside of Riga (The Latvian Capital) a comfortable house with lots of outside space, along with its own sauna and hottub, may well make the perfect venue for this Bride Tribe. With all meals sourced locally, and space for these busy women to kick-back and enjoy their time together, without the pressures of the outside world, could be just the ticket for the princess-to-be.

Memories For All The Right Reasons

Of course, they don’t want toooo much kicking back with nothing to do… Hen Weekends should be about creating magical memories together before moving forward into the next phase of life, that’s why we’d be offering them the same unique-hen experience that we offer to our other brides-to-be…

Latvian Fire Ceremony & Sweat Lodge – Their first evening together they would come together outside to experience the traditional Latvian Fire Ceremony, followed by authentic Sweat Lodge in the tradition of the Pueblo people of New Mexico.

Flower Crowns and Champagne Reception – After a relaxed breakfast on their first morning, they can make their own flower-crowns together – can you imagine how beautiful these would look in the official Royal photographs? Then after lunch, there’s time for an early afternoon champagne reception and some free time to relax together – we don’t think alcohol should be the main focus of a meaningful Hen Night, but we’re certainly not against people have a drink either! There’s nothing better than having a laugh with the girls, while drinking bubble in the afternoon.  Or, indeed, a super-celebratory drink after taking part in the evening Firewalk!

Firewalk – Their second evening with us will indeed bring the opportunity to take part in a Firewalk or Firedance.  What a great chance for these women to let their hair down and take on a challenge, that will be super enjoyable too. Supporting each other, experiencing over-coming fear, AND enjoying a night around the fire – this night will create everlasting memories of solidarity and joy for the whole bride tribe for years to come.

Bridal Sauna – It may be their final day, but that doesn’t mean they can’t make the most of the time they have left of this Hen Weekend fit for a Princess. Instead of travelling directly to the airport, we’ll stop off for them to experience a traditional bridal sauna and massage, leaving them feeling fully relaxed and pampered before they return to real life with some amazing stories to share.

What Would The Queen Say When She Heard Those Stories?

I like to think that she would be a little gob-smacked by some of the amazing stuff they’d got up to, but I also like to think that she’d approve… Who knows? She may even join them! Now that would leave US with lifelong memories too!

Fit For A Princess, Fit For You

We know that our Hen Nights are fit for a princess, because we treat every bride-to-be we work with like royalty. That may sound a little sickly-sweet, but what I mean in that every Hen Weekend we create is extra special to us, we like to think that we’d put the same level of energy and attention into creating a magical Hen Experience for you, as we would for a princess-to-be.

Every Hen has the absolute right to feel special and Queen of their castle for their Hen Experience, and every Bride Tribe should know how important they are to enabling that to happen, and feel fully supported and loved in that process… Our Hen Weekends are fit for a princess, because we’ve had the practice in creating them just that way, every time.

Your Chance To Join Us… For Free

To celebrate the announcement of the Royal engagement, we’re going to be running a competition to enable one very lucky bride to experience one of our Latvian Hen Weekends for free. Just as described above it genuinely will be a Hen Night fit for a princess… but in this case, the Bride goes free. For your chance to win, click through and enter now.